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Working with Asja over the past year has been an absolute gamechanger for my physical, mental, and emotional well-being.  Her attentive listening, sharp intuition, and candid advice provides a powerful experience that is both calming and thought-provoking.  Our coaching sessions have been instrumental in providing me with the focus and clarity to define what my intentions are, set them, and then move towards them.  Asja continues to create a safe space where I am able to confront my own self-limiting beliefs, cut through the incessant cycle of self-analysis and self-doubt, and tap into my body’s wisdom.  Her coaching has been a catalyst for real change in my life.  She is a trusted partner in my journey to become 1% better every single day.  Thank you, Asja, for all that you do – you enlighten and help me to rediscover parts of myself that I haven’t seen in years.  I will forever be grateful! 

Jen T.

I’m glad I decided to take the plunge and meet with Asja. The life changing tools she gives are for real people with busy lives. Her approach to wellness is the whole picture. She is a kind and caring person full of knowledge and is willing to go above and beyond to help you with your wellness journey. And if you’re lucky enough to live in her community, her husband has a great fitness class and the two of them together are a powerful life changing force. I’m grateful to have these two humans in our community spreading health and wellness.

Amanda C.

Asja has a three pillar approach to health.  The focus is not just on nutritional and physical fitness but on emotional wellness as well. I have been working with Asja to lay my foundational building blocks to better health.  She has helped me identify micro habits that I work and build upon each week and we’ve set realistic goals and achievement markers that resonate with me. My wellness journey has not been a linear path but one riddled with ups and downs as I navigate the path to a better me!  Asja has been by my side every step of the way; our weekly video chats help identify the challenges I face each week and we brainstorm solutions for when I face them again.  Her personalized comments via the coaching app keep me motivated and on track and I’m learning that my success is not marked by a number on a scale, but in how I deal with stress, my sleep health and overall happiness. Thank you Asja!

Michelle P.

A few months ago, I decided I wanted to get back on track with habits around my eating, nutrition and mindset with how I was feeling about my body. I was really happy when I saw Asja post a video with the launch of her new coaching business as based on my personal experience with her I knew she’d be someone I’d feel comfortable working with. I’ve done other programs before but this one is uniquely different in a good and much healthier way. Asja is dedicated to digging into to learn about you, what’s going and why. She helps you set realistic goals. We check in weekly and dig in deep to topics when we need to. I like that it’s not just about weight loss or a number on a scale. It’s about a healthy mindset which in turn has helped me with my sleep, water intake, food choices, stress and how I’m feeling overall. She’s dedicated to being alongside you in your journey to help achieve the goals you want.

Keri F.

Asja has been an incredible health, wellness and nutritional coach over the past three months. Her approach has made it easier for me to incorporate a more “flexible” eating mindset. I have never eaten so much! I’ve always had difficulties eating enough calories, especially when it came to protein. Asja provides realistic and manageable ways to reach your goals! She is encouraging, never judges, listens earnestly and offers ways to make changes to optimize your health. Asja has great insight, knowledge and a personal touch that sets a positive tone for your wellness journey!

Dal K.

I have gained so much knowledge and accountability in the first 16 weeks working with Asja. With her help, I've been able to reframe my daily thought patterns surrounding food and eating. In the past, I struggled with consistency and now Asja is helping me become more accountable to myself with daily habits that support my goals. Starting and sticking with nutrition plans can be intimidating but with Asja's positive support and enthusiasm the whole process is enjoyable and most importantly, my goals feel achievable. I would strongly recommend Asja for your nutrition coaching needs!

B. Kelder

For the 1st time in my life, I feel like I have championed my relationship with food. That's not because of me; it's because of Asja and her guidance and coaching. I used to stress about food all the time, tried every "diet", bought every book about them, fasted and not fasted. But now after staying consistent and on track for over 15 weeks, my nutrition has changed. There is no stress anymore. I am prepared and there is no anxiety about what I need to eat because I have figured it out with the help of Asja. Asja makes all of the time for you, while keeping you accountable. Thank you Asja, you were my game changer!!!

B. L.

During my weekly meetings with Asja, she’s literally on point with identifying the support that I need for the week and providing me with the tools to succeed. I know when I’m facing work or life pressures or struggling with mood, that I always come away feeling empowered and in a better place to not only accomplish my goals for the week but to keep working towards the best version of myself. After our sessions, I feel grounded, motivated, and 100% capable.

C. R.

I began my nutrition coaching journey because I found myself inundated with exercise and nutrition information. Fortunately, I had the pleasure of working with Asja who helped me find a solution that aligns with my values and goals. She assisted me in achieving a sense of balance and supported me through my body image challenges and unrealistic expectations. Most notably, Asja taught me the importance of self-compassion; she was my pillar of support during the highs and lows, and has helped me become more in-tune with my body. I highly recommend Asja to anyone who wants to delve deeper into themselves to create a meaningful change.

Kathleen J.

I just completed a six-month program with Asja and would highly recommend her! I am an active person, and for the most part I eat healthy.  Over the years I have tried many eating plans – some successful, some not.  When I reached out to Asja I was working on my overall health and had been eating better and exercising regularly but just couldn’t seem to lose the 10-15 pounds I had been wanting to lose for over 10 years. I thought I knew how to do it, but I just needed someone to help keep me accountable.  I was wrong.  Asja provided much more than just accountability.  We talked about goals, my values, my ‘Why’. I learned and witnessed the importance of fiber and protein.  I looked forward to the weekly gratitude exercise, and I valued her advice and support.

I lost the 12 lbs I set for my goal, and I even went on a two-week cruise at the end and didn’t gain any weight thanks to the tools she shared.  More importantly I learned that I CAN do this

Patti G.

How do I tell you all about my experience with the lovely, wonderful, awesome Asja?? I was working with my personal trainer at the gym and things were going okay but not great. We discussed my life outside of the gym and decided that my biggest stumbling block was my nutrition. He happened to know Asja and suggested that I get in touch with her. Best recommendation I have ever received and I thank him for it all the time. From the first phone call, she started helping me change my life. Not only did she help and guide me with nutrition, she made it seem easy! Her voice is always in my head when I make decisions about nutrition. I used to have A-Ha moments, now I call them Asja moments! In addition to the nutrition part of her “curriculum”, she helped me with getting better quality sleep, time management with time blocking, thinking of myself as a priority, taking the negativity out of my thoughts and vocabulary – the list goes on!! I’ve gone from thinking my mistakes are “terrible” (my past favourite answer to her question of “How did your week go?”) to understanding that the little mistakes I make are not what define me or my journey! Go figure???? Lol. Asja is such a caring and nurturing human being and I recommend her to any and every person looking to take a step forward in changing their life. This great lady is not only my nutrition coach, but my life coach and I consider her a friend. Take the next step in your wellness journey and contact Asja ASAP!!! You will thank yourself every day!

Missy K.

When I started working with Asja, my original goal was to lose 26 pounds. I worked with her for a year and lost an incredible 50 pounds. While losing the weight was my original goal, my journey became about more than just the number on the scale. I learned that it was more important to feel good, to build sustainable and flexible habits, and to focus on improving my health and in the end, I did get my health back! I also learned a lot about macros and how to apply nutritional habits to maintain my success for the rest of my life. Asja is very relatable – I recommend her to everyone!

Jill E.

I can personally, and highly, recommend Asja and this 6-month program! I thought I’d been struggling with my weight due to/since my Achilles rupture in 2013, but realize now it had more to do with my choices and poor coping habits related to my PTSD. I tried all the various diets over the past 10 years, and eventually just gave up until I saw a girlfriend’s success with Asja Harris. Now, 6 months later, I am already down 20 lbs, and Asja has helped me develop SUSTAINABLE ways to be healthy again. Asja is so much more than a Nutrition Coach, and she offers a LEGIT, personalized/individual commitment to me for which I am so grateful. If you’re ready for something and someone who can truly effect change, contact Asja Harris. I promise you won’t regret it.

Dani W.

When I started to work with Asya back in the summer I honestly had no idea how much it would transform my life. I have tried so many diets before and thought well let’s give it a go as I felt very uncomfortable when looking in the mirror. Fast forward 6 months and I am the best version of myself! I didn’t go on a diet but instead I learned to find balance in my life. This program isn’t just another diet, it’s not just about food. Asja helped me create new habits (6 months does that for you!), she helped me setting my own goals at my own pace, she helped me dealing with my mental health, and guided me through a rough path of changes in my life. Looking back on my journey I can honestly say that it was the best decision I’ve could have made for myself. Here I am a few weeks after the program ended and for the first time in my life I have not gone back to my previous unhealthy habits. What’s different? My new habits I’ve created this year are a great balance of nutritional food, enjoyable exercise, and emotional happiness. I can’t thank you enough Asja, you truly changed my life.

Petra F.

I just spent one year with Asja (two back-to-back commitments) and her PERSONALIZED 6-month program was FINALLY something that worked! I cannot endorse Asja enough - she has truly figured out what works for people in terms of sustainability when it comes to health/fitness/weight loss, etc.  Yes it costs, but so did everything else I’ve tried that DIDN’T work. This cost was worth it because all the other programs over the last 20 years (WW, Noom, BrightLine, you name it, I’ve tried it) were good and even worked in terms of weight-loss initially, but NONE OF THEM LASTED. 😢 I honestly believe Asja helped me because she focused on what is actually SUSTAINABLE for ME personally. Asja offers an extremely well-rounded approach to health and wellness, and her one-on-one attention and genuine enthusiasm empowered me and my success. It’s not just about weight-loss, even though that happened too (28 lbs so far) It’s about overall wellness physically and mentally THAT LASTS!  Thank you Asja. I’ve invited a bunch of friends to your site, friends who have either commented on my success or who I’ve talked to about health or weight loss or struggles at some point! I want everyone to know YOU and enjoy the success they can attain with your expertise!

Daniela F.

I came into my first session wanting to achieve a feeling of strength, strategy, and confidence. And what I achieved was much greater than a feeling; it was an entity of being. The perceived inconvenience of making dietary requests held me back from asking for an extra portion of protein or substituting a high-calorie-low nutrient side for roasted vegetables. Asja's coaching helped me navigate through a company work trip, a wedding buffet, and holiday dinners where I would normally eat whatever was served as not to offend the Host by saying "no" to their fresh baked goods even if I wasn't hungry. I also learned how to listen to my hunger cues and discovered that I don't always have to eat lunch just because it's 12 o'clock; this gave me the power to eat what was necessary for my goals and gave me the confidence to listen to my gut especially when saying 'no' to something so that I could say 'yes' to something else. Our weekly calls allowed for personal accountability while allowing her to ask questions for me to find the answers on my own; this form of coaching allowed for interpersonal growth and soul-searching that only I could answer. This discovery gave me the autonomy to come to conclusions on my own rather than being told what to do which has aided in my strength and confidence today. As I move forward without her daily and weekly accountability, I am equipped with a vast toolbox of knowledge and skills to live my best food life. After losing more than 20 pounds with Asja and gaining a new zeal for life, I couldn't advocate more for her discovery style of coaching for someone who also needs a mindset reset. Don't hold yourself back out of fear - get out of your own way.”

Kate L.

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