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The 16-Week 
Nutrition & Mindset Reset

Find your easier path to amazing! 

Instead, you’ll:

✔️learn what and how much to eat for your unique needs and goals

✔️master your food mindset, cut through the nutrition noise, and ditch the diet drama

✔️refocus your self-talk to embrace your body as so much more than pounds on the scale or the size of pants you wear

✔️melt away behaviours, beliefs, and stories that have held you back from reaching your goals in the past

✔️learn to deal with uncomfortable emotions instead of putting food Band-Aids on them

✔️create predictable, repeatable, and consistent habits you’ll be able to do even on your worst days

Through personalized guidance, expert advice, and a strength-based approach, you’ll feel empowered, capable, knowledgeable, confident, and excited about setting AND conquering your goals.

?Are you ready to get back to living as the happiest, healthiest, most fulfilled version of yourself?


And best of all, you'll never

have to diet again!

Immerse yourself in this personalized coaching program and breathe simplicity into your life through the optimization of nutrition, stress tolerance, and mindset.

You’ll feel like the weight has been lifted from your mind when it comes to your nutrition, your body, and your life. 

The Details

  • A 60-minute lifestyle and goal exploration session

  • 15 weekly 45-minute virtual or in-person support and accountability sessions

  • Access to my coaching app for daily communication, support, accountability, and goal reminders

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