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Are you ready to love your body again? Feel more energized, calm, and fulfilled? Get some joy back in your days?


Are you a high achieving woman on the brink of burnout?

Are you trapped in a mind and body that no longer represent your best self?


If so, I’m here to help.


Hi, I'm Asja Harris. I'm a Master Health Coach, certified in nutrition, sleep and stress management and my Boss Babes at Their Best 24-week coaching program is uniquely designed to support high performing women just like you.

I’ve experienced the unsustainable costs of the emotional labour that come with a chaotic career, managing motherhood, running a household, and always feeling like you need to do more, be more, and achieve more. It can leave you fed up, miserable, and exhausted and erode all the things about you that you once cherished.

I was burned out and in a split second, I left the career I was so proud of and had worked so hard for, and completely re-engineered my life because I realized I couldn’t keep living the overwhelmed, overstretched version of it. Don’t do what I did and push through, telling yourself you’re “fine” until you simply aren’t!

Boss Babes at Their Best Coaching Program


Join my Boss Babes at Their Best coaching program and I’ll help you reduce the clutter in your life using specially curated stress management and mindset tools. Then we’ll dig into your nutrition and movement goals so you can get back to feeling confident and free in your body again.


Together, we’ll etch out a pathway that allows you to continue being the high achieving and exceptional woman that you are, but in a way where your drive to excel won’t take you over the edge like mine did.


Using tools that I wish I had known about during my own journey, you’ll learn to channel your high performance energy with intention and rediscover the happier, healthier, more fulfilled version of yourself, both in the office and at home.


Many high achievers don’t talk to anyone about what they’re experiencing until it’s too late because they have a hard time accepting that they can’t do it all. Asking for help feels like the ultimate indicator of failure.


Working with me will be your outlet to talk through the pressures you’re facing in a 100% nonjudgmental and safe space. Remember, I was you! 

Stop suffering in silence.

Invest in the future version of yourself.


Imagine who you will be in one year from today. What will that version of you look like if you don’t make some changes starting now? I asked myself that very difficult question and what I saw was the catalyst that launched me on the path I'm on now. 

Imagine the possibilities that await you if you do commit to pursuing the best version of yourself in this moment. Every decision you make today shapes the woman you will be in 3 months, in 6 months, in a year. What are you waiting for?

The Details

1 Virtual 60-minute initial assessment

23 Weekly 30-minute virtual one on one coaching sessions

Access to a coaching app for  accountability, goal reminders & communication

If you’re ready to find balance in your life & reclaim your identity, fill out this contact form to set up a complementary call to see if the Boss Babes at Their Best coaching program is right for you.

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